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Albuquerque Ambulance Service

AAS Website

Albuquerque Ambulance Service (AAS) is the largest provider of emergency medical services in the state of New Mexico. Our organization is non-profit and tax-exempt. Our Board of Directors is composed of representatives of all the local hospitals, the local physician association, and the University of New Mexico Medical School. We provide an all ALS (paramedic/EMT) emergency and non-emergency service to the citizens of Albuquerque and surrounding Bernalillo County responding to approximately 80,000 + calls per year. The Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) accredits AAS.

AAS utilizes the finest emergency vehicle manufactured, the Horton 2000. Each unit is a Type III, with exterior compartmentalization and a Ford chassis powered by a Ford Power Stroke diesel engine. Each is equipped with a full compliment of ALS equipment including a Physio-Control LP-12 to perform 12-lead ECG's, hands free defibrillation and pacing. The AAS Medical Director, Philip J. Froman, MD, FACEP is well known and respected throughout New Mexico for his progressive leadership in prehospital medicine. Our medical protocols are some of the most progressive in the country. We also fund a research position at the University of New Mexico Medical School for EMS research.

AAS paramedics are highly respected for their knowledge and expertise throughout the state of New Mexico. We provide the best ambulances, the best equipment and the best dispatching system in the country enabling our employees to provide the highest quality prehospital patient care possible. AAS paramedics benefit from an intensive quality improvement program, which focuses on teaching, not discipline, to insure quality patient care. Our employees help lead our organization through change by participation on Quality Improvement Teams and by utilizing the Deming Principle of employee inclusion.

AAS offers a competitive salary with a complete benefits package, which includes a 403-B annuity program for retirement, health, dental and life insurance, long and short term disability, sick leave and the standard two week vacation. Additionally, because AAS is non-profit, we offer healthcare and dependent care spending accounts which allows you to pay for any health or dependent costs with pre-taxed dollars.

AAS utilizes a combination of System Status Management post assignments and fixed substations to provide our citizens a rapid ALS response. There are 67 different shifts offered to our employee. These shifts are made possible because we utilize peak load staffing. As the number of calls increase during the day a corresponding number of ambulances are added, as the number of calls decrease during the night a corresponding number of ambulances are taken off. AAS utilizes GPS (Global Positioning Satellite System) to track units. All units have an on-board computer and mapping system for navigation and the ChartWriter patient information system for documentation of patient care.

Contact information:

4500 Montbel Place, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Telephone: 505-449-5700
Dispatch: 505-761-8200

If you have plan to inquire about a job with this professional organization, contact Patty Sanchez at 505-449-5702 or go online to https://www.phs.org/doctors-services/services-centers/supporting-services/Pages/albuquerque-ambulance.aspx#Careers.

The new source for Web CEs is EMCert.com. You can get CEs for $4 per unit. There are also bundles: 10 units for $30, 24 units for $60, 40 units for $80, or an unlimited bundle. Dana is the contact person at 1-877-367-4376 if you have questions. I have done some of the cases and it appears to be a good source for CEs. At the current time only 10 CEs per year are valid in NM for remote learning. This is consistent with the National Registry paramedic level stipulation of 10 units for remote or distant learning.

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